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Mission & Philosophy


We aim to develop future men and women of society with a vision, moral character, intellectual ability and deep compassion for humanity.


  • To create a strong, vibrant community .
  • To encourage in our students an appreciation of the need to understand, respect, serve and care for others.
  • To encourage in our students the skills of leadership, teamwork and service.
  • To encourage our students to adopt a healthy lifestyle to promote their well-being and to enhance their cultural awareness.
  • To promote the intellectual development of our students together with the achievement of the best academic qualifications within each student's capabilities.
  • To encourage the development of personal standards such as self-discipline, initiative, self-reliance and an enquiring spirit.


G.H.S.believe that many of the most important truths are learned in community. We aim that in our community each will feel valued and accepted, and encouraged to fulfil their God given potential. We are therefore committed to a holistic education - the education of the whole person, body, mind and spirit, in order that God's will for each of us may be discerned and fulfilled. As a community school, we welcome into our community those of all races, all cultures, all religions, and all social backgrounds. We respect the integrity of all and will not consciously do anything that denigrates another's culture, religion or social background or would lead to disharmony.